Board & Committee

The Brook Green Nursery is managed by a voluntary management committee which is made up of parents of children and experienced childcare professionals. Our unique management system allows for a truly child-focused, honest and affordable childcare approach.

Noreen Howat
, Chairperson – 
Noreen is a management consultant specialised in the energy (power) industry and previously in oil, gas and petrochemicals. Noreen manages project teams across many different regions, with a current focus on emerging markets. Noreen loves sport (doing rather than watching and is more enthusiastic than competent), torturing her husband with her learner fiddle playing, re-reading the old Famous Five stories with her 7-year-old daughter and racing hot wheels’ cars with her 4-year-old son.(resigned May 2019)

Florence Dancer
, Treasurer
 – After graduating from a French business school in finance, Florence held various positions in FMCGs and fashion companies as a financial controller for more than 10 years. Florence moved to the UK in 2013 with her husband and two daughters. She loves skiing, playing tennis and travelling.

Carine Vauchy, 
Company Secretary
 – After working in the telecommunications industry in various sales and marketing roles for more than 15 years, Carine is now looking after her four children full-time. She enjoys doing sport in her free time, in particular running and swimming.(resigned May 2019)

Dima Kayatt
, Committee Member – 
Dima has been working at Coalition, a financial services analytics company, for over 12 years. She is currently an Account Director, managing European clients, and over the years has been involved in the growth of the company from a three-person start up to a global firm with 250+ employees across three continents. Mum to three energetic kids, she loves spending time together as a family and trying to take advantage of everything London has to offer.

Karine Savalle-Reinaud
, Committee Member
 – Karine has spent most of her career in management consulting, working with teams across industries and countries. She used her maternity leaves to train as an executive coach and now does free-lance consulting and coaching, allowing her to spend more time with her 3 children. Karine has lived in France, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, the U.K. and more recently Canada with the whole family, and really enjoys working with people from different horizons. Apart from playing lego or play-doh, Karine enjoys photography, sculpting, running and gardening with the children at the nursery.

Antonia Khayatt
, Committee Member
 – Antonia is an architect, specialising in education and environmentally sustainable design.  Her dream is to retrofit every building in Britain to very high energy efficiency standards.  She jumps at any opportunity to live/work abroad – Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Riyadh – but always returns to London, where she now lives with her husband and three young children.  In those rare moments between work and kids she loves reading, hiking and theatre.  More often she can be found cycling the children around on a giant bike and exploring all that’s wonderful in London.