Brook Green Nursery benefits from the unique combination of a tranquil setting in the heart of Brook Green with its own wonderful outdoor space, a small intake per year (capacity for 20 children each session), a close team of motivated and caring staff, and strong parent involvement. In this positive and supportive environment, children can be themselves and flourish.

Capacity of 20 children per session ensuring the nursery can provide a “feel-at-home” environment and very personalised care to the children

Strong parent involvement bringing richness to all children at the nursery (e.g., through baking, gardening, reading stories… culminating in our annual Family Day)

Multicultural environment with staff and children representing the whole community and exposing the children to different cultures through story time and celebration of multinational festivals and holidays

Unique outdoor area allowing children to have their own “playground” and experience Nature’s seasonal changes, attending to their own plantations in Spring/Summer, watching birds, etc.

Broad range of activities which are part of the core nursery curriculum, including music, yoga, gardening, French lessons and trips to the library. Children also have the opportunity to get involved in charitable activities, from supporting Save the Children at Christmas Jumper Day to getting more hands on in sending shoe boxes full of toys to African nurseries at Christmas


Successful preparation into primary school enabling children to enter the school of their choice, whether local state schools such as Larmenier and St Mary’s, or private schools such as Jacques Prévert and Fulham Prep